Release. Unwind. Connect to Peace, Love & Light. Heal.
Through your love existence and nonexistence merge.
All opposites unite.
All that is profane becomes sacred again.
Give yourself the gift of a private online
Angel Card Reading session
designed for your health & well-being
as you connect mind, body & spirit.
Allow the Archangels and your guardian angels to gently and gracefully help you
to receive answers and guide you along your path.  The Spirit world is always
available to help guide us towards our personal Truth of Love.  They are always
working in accordance with your highest and best good, answering your prayers
and giving you signals in your daily life.  Sometime we need help in receiving so
much more! <3  Come with a question you need guidance on, an open heart &
mind to listen, and the acceptance & understanding that the guidance we
receive is always what we need in the moment.

Sessions are approximately 30 minutes and are done via a free app called

Reach out today and receive the guidance you are so ready to receive.  
We are here to help!  And it's fun!

Contact Maria by phone at (570) 426-3033 or by email at   

Angel Card Reading Session: $44