Dance:  Group Instruction
My brain is concerned with getting things right all the time,
be creative at times for fear of being judged.
Maria's creative dance class opened my head and spiritual body to
the beauty of being carefree and vulnerable. This class allowed me
to get out of my head and just move the way my body was telling
me it wanted to move. I smiled, I cried, I felt peace.
Do your body a favor, stop listening to that little voice in your head
and take this class.
-Regina Sayles (singer-songwriter, performer)
If you are pursuing a career in the performing arts,
private dance instruction will help you!

Our intention is in assisting those who want to grow and
who need more individualized attention, focus & feedback.
The education you'll receive by being mentored and taught by Maria will
allow you to take what you've learned and apply it any where you will ever dance.

Maria specializes in enhancing solid dance technique, Lyrical Contemporary,
Modern, Jazz, Theater Dance, Tap, Choreography, musicality,
developing and making a loving connection with the spirit and
to the heart of the person dancing.  Develop your personal artistry!  
You will be guided to make a connection with the dancer within...
the one who is really doing the dancing and who brings the beauty of movement
to life through the creative expression of the body that dances.

Other areas of expertise include teaching students how to choreograph,
giving feedback on existing choreography, cleaning and polishing existing
choreography, creating new choreography, and teaching students how to
embody the work and perform it from a sincere and honest place.
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Private Dance Instruction is offered from ages 10 through adult.
(1) 30 minute private session - $30
(Package of 4) 30 minute private sessions - $100
(1) 60 minute private session - $60
(Package of 4) 60 minute private sessions - $200
*Must use all lessons in the package within 4 to 6 weeks of purchase.
Please contact Maria at
Class: Dance Fitness
Super fun, dance movement based cardio (get your groove on!) with
body toning, pilates, stretch and meditation. The class is designed to
help you to tone and shape your body from the inside out and to help
you to build core strength, stability and give your heart some love!  
Dancers and non-dancers welcome!  No experience needed.  As always,
this class will be taught in our blissful style of comfort, peace and joy.
Day & Time: TBA
Length: 4 weeks
Tuition: $56
*bring your sneakers

If you take this class AND the SoulStar Yoga class right before this, you will
receive a $15 voucher to use in the studio store. (Get something wonderful just
for YOU!)  Check out the yoga