Are ready to boost your health and well-being from the inside out
essential oils to your body, I'm here to help.

These "little bottles of gold" have enhanced my life in so many ways.
I use them on myself every day.  I diffuse them all day long at the office,
I share them with my students at the studio
and even make cleaning products with them.
They support the mind, body & spirit on so many levels.

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Happy, Healthy, Whole: Essential Oils

I teach about essential oils on the group page,
have free online facebook classes and there is a
great community of Essential Oil users to learn from
and share experiences with.  We're all learning together.
You can also contact me by phone or by email.

We can arrange for you to come to the studio to
get some samples, take an essential oils class.
There are always workshops and things happening
at the studio involving essential oils! :D

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