Enjoy a energy healing session from the comfort of your own home!  

"Long Distance Reiki"
Reiki is a powerful, life-affirming, health-inducing, energetic and Spiritual gift
from the Divine.  It releases blocks in the mind, body and auric field
so that Love can flourish.  It's a beautiful way to infuse yourself with
Peace, Love, Joy & Light and to let go of what no longer fits your life.

Cozy yourself up and lay down to rest yourself at home for this
30 to 45 minute Long Distance Reiki Healing Session.

I channel the energy for you, "here" and you open to receive it when you lay
down, "there".  If you are new to remote healing, please reach out so that I
can share with you the amazingness of how this work.  It's truly incredible.

Allow the Light of the Divine to cleanse and clear you.
Remote Session Fee: $44
*If you'd like to book a longer session - I am happy to accommodate you.

Message me on Facebook to schedule.

There is only one energy in this world that can heal
and this is love.
Long Distance Reiki Healing Sessions