Allow Maria to personally guide you home to yourself!  
Receive support, inspiration, Spiritual guidance, channeled messages,
mentorship, education and lifetime tools to uncover the real you.
Recover, discover and reclaim yourself and your life.  
Let your Soul shine and your Spirit guide you to total mind and body health!  
Live your dreams, one step at a time.

    •        Invest in yourself
    •        Learn to release the past and be grateful for all of your experiences
    •        Open your heart to Love
    •        Release toxic heavy emotional energy from your mind & body
    •        Learn to forgive and what forgiveness really is and does for you
    •        Stop being a door mat! Stop allowing people to walk all over you -   
    learn why they have been - learn the art of saying no and to take your
    power back!  Learn healthy loving boundaries.
    •        Learn how to care for and love yourself
    •        Learn to accept yourself and your journey which is teaching you to
    become the best you can be!
    •        Learn about your Chakras - receive chakra energy clearings and
    rebalancing support
    •        Learn about the Light which lives inside of your heart, how to connect
    to it and how it expresses itself as you
    •        Learn about the energy of Unconditional Love (aka God) and the
    Universe you live in
    •        Learn about your ego, how it works and what it's triggers are so that
    you can live more joyfully!
    •        Learn how to clear your own energy and ground yourself in the
    present moment
    •        Regain your health, vitality and energy
    •        Learn about what's been covering up your beautiful heart and let that
    shit go!
    •        Learn to love, support and get out of your own way so that your body
    can restore itself
    •        Stop trying to save everyone else and save yourself! :D
    •        Build your self-confidence
    •        Learn the art of resting and why it is a must!
    •        Clear out belief systems and conditioned learned programming which
    no longer support who you are becoming.  Learn about fear and dissolve it
    into the Light.
    •        Learn the art of letting go and surrendering
    •        Learn about your Higher Self
    •        Reprogram yourself with new healthy, happy, TRUTH-FILLED, peaceful
    and loving beliefs which honor your mind, body, spirit, truth and integrity
    •        Release resistance and stop struggling against life - learn to connect
    with and go with the flow of where Love is guiding you!
    •        Learn about meditation and why it is such an invaluable gift of love,
    healing and peace!
    •        Inner-Child recovery and healing
    •        Receive Long Distance Reiki and Angel activations
    •        Learn to Trust yourself and walk in Faith
    •        Learn about your intuition
    •        Learn how to bypass the logical mind and listen to your heart for
    decision making
    •        Release stress, fatigue and tension - come into your place of peace,
    calm and center
    •        Learn to make the right decisions for yourself
    •        Learn about and make connection with the support you have from
    your very own Spiritual Guidance Team!  You are not alone and you never
    have been!
    •        Heal yourself so that you can recognize that you are perfect, whole &
    •        Release abandonment issues
    •        Receive DNA healing and repair
    •        Learn lots of spiritual tips and tools to use in your daily life
    •        Be guided in creating a plan for daily living which supports you and be
    held accountable for the follow through - examine the way you live so that
    you can make positive changes one step at a time
    •        Stop being a victim in your own life and...
           Learn to live life from the inside out and re-birth yourself.

Work with Maria online (and/or in-person) for the next 6 months!  
Receive plenty of bonus', offerings and goodies along the way too as fun gift
surprises as you walk your path!  

6 Month Walking Your Path Guidance & Mentorship Program is
an investment in yourself of your time and of $1111 payable to PA Dance Network.
This is a pay up front program with no refunds.  The investment, commitment,
accountability and follow through works both ways!  Maria is passionately "all in"
with you from start to finish!  Let's get you started in your amazing
transformational journey to joy today!
570-426-3033 - private facebook message - "like" PA Dance Network on facebook
Guidance & Mentorship Program