~Weekly live video teachings with Maria Triano
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This beautiful online membership is full of inspiration, peace-filled
mind, body, spirit classes, chats, guidance, tips, tools, techniques, and posts,
which are practical to implement into your daily life
and do-able for wherever you are...whatever level you're at.

Maria's teachings are here to enrich and empower you as you walk your path...
learning to love and discover the REAL you as you take great care of YOU
mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The video teachings and posts happen Monday through Friday, each week, in our
private facebook group.  You can enjoy them live or whenever you'd like.  As a
member, you have access to all of the video archives.  Pop on what you need,
whenever you need it.  Search key words in our group to find what you need.
Each month there are always some surprises and special workshops too.
Here's how it works!  
Our Walking Your Path Online Membership is offered on Facebook within our private
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$55 per month for ALL of these wonderful opportunities
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Please note: This is a reoccurring automatic monthly membership/subscription.  
The number of classes/videos you watch or listen to is totally up to you.  You are welcome to
join us for as many as you can.  Some weeks you may only get to one class or even miss a week.  
It's all good.  Use the membership to support you in any way that is best for you.
The videos are always there, so go with the flow and have fun with it!

Cancel at anytime.  No refunds are given for any reason.  If you would like to discontinue your
reoccurring automatic monthly membership/subscription, you can do so through your PayPal
account.  Credits are not given for partial use of membership for any reason.

For our SoulStar Yoga classes and the Friday Night Detox, you'll need your yoga mat and
props, like yoga blocks, pillows, bolsters, strap and a cozy blanket.  

Essential oils are a key component to our online membership.  If you are new to the amazing
health benefits that pure essential oils can bring to your wellness, samples can be sent to
you.  Most of our tribe members use doTERRA Essential Oils.  Click the link to learn more.  
Happy to get your started in this wonderfulness!!  It is a game changer!!
Right conditions, time and space
are needed to bloom.  
Permission granted.
Live the yoga lifestyle. Walk your path.  
Learn.  Grow.  Breathe.  Be.
Mind, Body, Spirit teachings of Love...just for you.
Has your Soul been knocking at your heart?
Do you need some "me-time"?  
Are you an intuitive, sensitive, empathetic wonder woman?
Need inspiration, to stay grounded and centered?
Looking for your Tribe?  
Walk your path of LOVE, TRUTH, LIGHT, HEALTH and WELL-BEING.
Come grow with us...we'll feed ya!
Mondays our focus is on Meditation - Let go of stress and tension, calm and soothe your
body and mind, reset and reboot yourself.  Meditation is so refreshing and retrains the brain
and nervous system out of the fight or flight response.  Move from fear to Love in seconds.

Tuesday is all about the topic of Tranquility.  How to apply gentleness and tranquility
throughout your day.  Ahhh...  Sleep and rest is also a theme for Tranquil Tuesdays!!

What if? Wednesday guides and inspires you to shift your thinking from ego to Love.  Each
Wednesday is different.  Fun reframes and perception changes.  Some Wednesdays will feature
a mini yoga class.       

All of our classes are great for beginners and those well on their way!  Our monthly
membership is perfectly designed and aligned for Empaths, Lightworkers, Intuitives, Teachers,
Moms, Business Owners, those in service to others, Performing Artists, Medical Professionals,
Healers and those on the Spiritual path.

Thursday is where your thirst is quenched with Channeled Messages from Your Angels.  
Maria's Angel Card Readings are a must to help you throughout your week.  It's time to get out
of your own way and to allow your heart to guide you.  Let's see what the Angels have to say
about the energies of the week and how they apply to you!!

Friday night at 8pm EST is our famous Friday Night Detox...Whoo! Hoo!  Release the week
in Love.  Let it all go with a bit of gentle yoga stretch, essential oils love, and some deeply
nourishing guided meditation.  Fridays is all about teaching and guiding you to learn to "let go"
so that you can rejuvenate and be free.  A great class to do from your bed or to enjoy on your
yoga mat.  Jammies are welcome!  Prepares you for sleep and helps you to detach from the
week so that you can start your weekend off from a new space and place within yourself.  It's
also a great class to enjoy in the mornings or if you've been feeling stressed.  Do this one any
day of the week, really.  
If you are ready to be your happy, healthy, whole self...
to learn to feel good about who you are...
to embrace a new way of life or enhance what you've already got going on...
to continue to deepen your current yoga practice...
to spend some quality time with yourself...
to learn and educate yourself...
to do something good for YOU...
to unwind and find your Peace...
to learn how to get off the hamster wheel of your mind...
excited to do some self-discovery and to learn about you intuition and your Spirit
to slow down and become present with yourself...

This is for you.
The Walking Your Path Online Membership will help to keep you
in tip top shape from the ground up one step at a time!