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to learn how to get off the hamster wheel of your mind...
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to slow down and become present with yourself...

This is for you.

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Along with rolling out your yoga mat, please have yoga props, such as blocks, pillows,
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Need some help getting started with the essential oils?   
Right conditions, time and space
are needed to bloom.  
Permission granted.
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Are you a sensative empathetic wonder woman?
Need inspiration and to find your Tribe?  
Walk your path of LOVE, TRUTH, LIGHT and HEALTH.
Come grow with us...we'll feed ya!
Meditation Monday - Each Monday you will enjoy a beautiful meditation experience to help
you to let go of stress and tension, calm and soothe your body and mind, reset and reboot
yourself so that you can begin again in Peace.  Practicing "the pause" is so refreshing and
retrains the brain and nervous system out of the fight or flight response.  Move from fear to
Love in seconds.

As a SoulStar Tribe Member, each
Tranquil Tuesday, we'll be inspiring you with some posts
and/or a quick little video to brighten your day and to give you some fertilizer!

What if you joined us on Wednesdays at 6:45pm EST for a yummy SoulStar Yoga class?!  
SoulStar Yoga is a
Divinely-guided, peace-inducing, life-enhancing experience which will cause you to
make positive shifts in your perception and bring healing & happiness to your body.  Learn how to fill yourself
with Light, Love and self-acceptance by exploring this Hatha yoga-based class which is full of
self-empowerment and the use of essential oils.  Stretch & become aware of your breath as you create space
to lengthen, strengthen and flow.  Warning!  SoulStar Yoga will transform you from the inside out and help
you to sparkle and shine as you let go of the "gunk", "funk" and "crunchies" will leave you smoothed out
and decompressed!  Slow down and become present with yourself.  Ahhh...

All of our classes are great for beginners and those well on their way!  Our monthly
membership is perfectly designed and aligned for our Empaths, Lightworkers, Intuitives,
Teachers, Mamas with littles, those in service to others, Healers and those on the Spiritual path.

Thirsty Thursday brings you a much needed Weekly Angel Card Message and Spiritual
Guidance video
at 4pm EST with Maria.  Whether you tune in live or to the replay, it will be
exactly what you need to help you to walk your path or give you an answer to a question or
supply you with a confirmation.  Time to get out of your own way and allow your heart to
guide you.  Let's see what the Angels have to say about the energies of the week and how this
applies to you!

Freedom Friday is a double header!  10am EST Jessica will be highlighting healthy family
living with
"What I'm Practicing".  Jess will share a part of her "Bless This Mess" journey
each week with tips, tools, perception changes and inspiration on getting off the mind crack,
recognizing the gem among the icky and how to live the yoga life while raising a family.  Live.
Love. Laugh.  One of our most beloved classes...
8pm EST Friday Night Detox...Whoo! Hoo!
Release the week in Love.  Let it all go with a bit of gentle stretch, essential oils love, of course, and some
deeply nourishing guided meditation.  A great class to do from your bed or to enjoy on your yoga mat.  
Jammies are welcome!  Prepares you for sleep and helps you to detach from the week so that you can start
your weekend off from a new space and place within yourself.

Speaking of weekends, SoulStar Saturday and Self-Love Sunday...are wonderful
opportunities to go into "Albums" and select classes, chats, meditations or workshops that you
can enjoy whenever the spirit moves you or to revisit a practice you love.