PA Dance Vision (PADV) was birthed by
Dancer/Director/Educator/Choreographer, Maria Triano in 2000 and is a 501(c)3
non-profit dance organization.  PADV features Maria's 26 year choreographic
legacy, professional dance education and training, production and
mind/body/spirit teachings.

The performance company is made up of pre-professional and professional
dancers, teachers, studio owners and choreographers who have been trained by
Maria over the years at her studio PA Dance Network or through her work at
East Stroudsburg University.  The dancers share their performance expertise,
passionate joy, love and dance artistry with a variety of audiences in a variety of
settings.  The company moves and grooves, bringing healing and transformation,
beauty and artistic excellence through the styles of Lyrical, Modern,
Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Theatre Dance, Improvisation and Creative

PADV carries with them the dance legacy of, the late, Catherine Culnane and,
the late, Mary Jane Wolbers, both former professors from East Stroudsburg
University, and is home of dance alumni from East Stroudsburg University.  

As a nonprofit, rooted in love, our heart-centered goal is to offer as many of our
programs, teachings and dance performances around the globe for FREE.  
Your donations make this possible.  

Our CLEAR VISION of 2020
In response to the pandemic, we have joyfully stepped up to happily offer two
beautiful programs for free to bring the joy of dance to children (and parents) at
home AND to support our medical professionals on the frontlines.

Do you know of any families with littles who you can let know about this
awesomeness?!  We'd love your help in getting the word out.  It doesn't matter
what time zone they're in!  Maybe you have some children who would so love this
wonderful free online dance experience with Miss Maria, and her lovely assistant,
Miss Brittany Lutz!!  Every Tuesday 11am to 11:30am EST is our FREE Facebook
Live Stepping Stones Creative Dance Program for Children.  (It's a private group.)

For nurses, doctors and medical teams
We are proud to be offering a free meditation hub, led by Maria, via private
facebook group, to support the overall health and well-being of our medical
professionals.  Doctors, nurses and medical professionals can enter the group at
any time, day or night, to enjoy a variety of meditations to calm, center, heal and
to receive a personal reset.  Do you know of any medical professionals who you
can reach out to about this?   

Our programs are easily adapted for public, private and home schooling.  We can
also create something special for you and the community you serve.  Reach out!!

*Donations support the mission of vision!!  Our goal is to offer all of our programs
for free world wide.  We need your support to make that happen.

Become. Your. Self.
Our online dance, meditation and yoga programs help to support families and
individuals to discover and experience their personal best by aligning with their
natural mind, body and spirit wellness, and creativity.  These are the same
programs, education and trainings, our dance company members have received
themselves in their personal evolution as unique individuals.  

Along with those in the performing arts, we work with, guide and empower,
children, parents, teachers, those in the military, nurses and doctors, those in
recovery and their family members, those on spiritual and intuitive paths, as well
as, business owners and those working in large corporations.  We help and teach
people to release stress, find their inner-peace, and to build and live with
individual integrity and strength from the inside out.

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Maria Triano - President/Director/Choreographer
Mike Abate - Treasurer
Tara Coyle
Gretchen Diehl
Megan Drozal
Lauren Fazzolari
Nicole Guzman
Lisa Inglese
Brittany Lutz
Kristen Hancz
Noelle Kukel
Jamie Miller
Abby Slater
Caitlin Taylor - Secretary
Cassandra Watts
Jessica West Zsamar

PA Dance Vision ... Become. Your. Self.