Growth. Strength. Vitality. Health. Flexibility.
We rarely hear the inward music,
but we're all dancing to it nevertheless.

Reclaim your Peace by giving yourself the gift of a private session
designed especially for you to realign your mind, body & spirit.
The way out of any issue or concern is always within you.  Have
you heard the phrase,
"The issues are in the tissues.".  
It's true and there is a way out and healing, health and whole is more
than a possible reality!

Maria will help to guide you inward to your space of Love so that you
can release blockages and beliefs on every level which have been
keeping you stuck.  She will help you to clear your energy and flow
your radiant heart-Light, all the while, teaching you how.  
Self-empowerment is a foundational part of each session.  
Sessions are intuitively guided for your highest and greatest good
physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  The flow of the session
will be guided in a way that feels just right for you and for exactly
where you are and what you are growing through.  Be open to new
ways of learning and growing...and be willing to do the work! -
Sometimes you may not realize initially that you are actually working
on moving through an issue which is really rooted in something from
the past.  Maria can easily pick up on what the root cause is and will
quickly guide you to the past moment which is on replay underneath
the surface and help you to lovingly release the root cause of the issue
so that you can bring Love and Light forward into your present
moment and receive the blessing of forgiveness, healing and new
beginnings.  She calls this process "finding the gems"!

During your session, you share what you feel you need help with and
Maria will connect to your team of Spirit Guides and Angels to give you
way out of your concern while helping you to release fear.  When you
follow and take action on the answers coming from your own heart,  
you will be led out of the darkness and into the Light where solutions
and miracles are every day occurrences.

Leave your session feeling cleared out, rebalanced, full of hope, a lot
lighter then when you came in, ready to rest your physical body and
cozy yourself up at home so that healing on the physical level can
easily take place.  You'll go home with a direction, action steps to take,
as well as, tools for positive living which when practiced help to raise
your vibration and get you walking into the direction of your dreams in
a whole new way.  

You can't take the heavy stuff with you if you want to live your dreams
and reclaim your health and well-being.  It all needs to be let go of.  
Maria will help you to lighten up in the most easy and beautiful ways
while telling you the Truth straight up!  There won't be any sugar
coating and she will help to keep you accountable to yourself.  
The result: you live in your own authenticity, integrity, and in your own
skin, more comfortably than ever before.  You'll leave the session
feeling loved, nurtured, supported and cared for!  

Allow Maria to guide, teach, nurture, support and help you to connect
to your true self...heart and soul...learning to trust yourself one step at
a time.   No two session are alike.  Be prepared to get out of your head
and into your heart and to choose heart-centered living as a way of
life.  Help is as close to you as your own breath...and you ARE ready.
(That's why you found this!)

Private sessions are available for children, teens & adults...both in
person at the studio and online via video conferencing.  Fee structure is
the same for both.  This session begins at 90 minutes and may go a bit
longer depending on what is coming up for you and how far you are
willing to go.  Divine Guidance respects the human limitation of time,
however, your flexibility is greatly appreciated so that you can receive a
full and completed session.

Private Sessions range from $90 to $120
fees based on $1 per minute

Be willing to get out of your own way...
and to allow your magic to unfold.

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the Walking Your Path Mentorship Program.  Take a look!
start living your Truth now!
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