Release. Unwind. Connect to Peace, Love & Light. Heal.
The time has come to turn your heart
into a temple of fire.
Your essence is gold hidden in dust.
To reveal its splendor
you need to burn in the fire of love.

Give yourself the gift of a private session with Maria
designed for your health & well-being
as you connect mind, body & spirit.

The Reiki will be flowing to you as you receive your amazing Spiritual Guidance, which will
then flow into a peaceful and beautiful Reiki healing session of Divine Light and Love on a
cozy and heated massage table.  It's okay if you drift off to sleep as your body rests and
restores itself!

Get to the root of any issue so that you can free yourself.  Release old habits and
patterns that no longer work for you, learn new ways of being which feel so much better!  
Learn to love yourself.

New to Reiki?
The practitioner's hands lightly touch or hover over the body from head to feet,
flowing positive, loving, healing energy through to you.  
Sessions are done on a heated massage table complete, sheets & a cozy blanket.
You will be fully clothed.
Sessions are for children, teens & adults.
Sessions includes a brief integration period after the energy is received & a brief
chat afterwards about what was experienced if needed or necessary.  
Plan to keep your schedule open after receiving the session for some R & R as you
integrate the "upload".
What is Reiki?  Check out the very informative article below.

Session is 90 minutes in length and may go a bit longer.  
Please note: Please be flexible in length of the session you need. The energy is finished
when Spirit is finished working with you.  It may go a bit longer.
Session Fee: $90 ($1 per minute if the session goes longer)
This session can also be done remotely via video conferencing.  It's wonderful to enjoy
sessions like this from home so you can lay down to nap or to process your session
without the need to go anywhere.  Let yourself unravel to rejuvenate better than ever.  
Fee structure is the same.

"Flow & Glow"!                           
This is a heavenly experience!  Enjoy a Reiki Chakra Clearing & Realignment, along with
some body work to help get those tired tight muscles flowing and open the joints as you
enjoy the first half of this session on your back, resting on a heated massage table under
comforting, soft sheets.  Next, we'll turn you over where you will experience the
therapeutic power of doTERRA Essential Oils which will be systematically applied to your
spine and bottoms of your feet. Please read all about The AromaTouch Technique
You will feel like a new person as your body soaks in the healing!
Give yourself at least 90 minutes for this session.  
Could be a little longer by the time you melt off the table!
Session Fee: $122   

Plan to keep your schedule open after you receive any of the sessions listed here.  
Time for integration and a bit of rest will help you to receive the very best from your
session going forward.

Click here for Healing Sessions which you can receive from the comfort
of home!