Love and Peace are positive energies which cause expansion,
openness, joy, and freedom; while fear and worry are negative
energies which cause contraction and resistance,
and ultimately close us down.

All energy is creative.  
We can choose to use Love to create anything we want in our lives
and to help and assist those we love to do the same.

Love heals.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is the universal life-force energy that is within every thing
and every one that is alive on our planet.  Within this energy
Love is everything we need and it’s what we are.  
Reiki is the energy of
Love which comes directly from our Creator,
God, Divine Intelligence, Holy Spirit, Higher Consciousness,
Source…whatever words you’d like to use to describe the
power-plant of loving energy that is breathing life into us and
through every living thing…
it’s the energy that creates worlds and man.  

The word Reiki is Japanese- Rei meaning the Divine Intelligence and
Ki meaning the energy that “animates” all living things
and flows through everything.  Reiki is the universal life-force
energy that is breathing us all into existence.  
(Reiki is not a religion.)

What does Reiki do?
Reiki is Divine Love…and Love loves unconditionally.
Love heals.  Love soothes.  
Love supports.  Love opens.  
Reiki gently lifts and dissolves blockages, programs,
old out-dated beliefs in the mind, body, and energy systems
so that more
Love (positive, healthy & whole, life-force energy)
can take its place; which causes us to be and live as our highest
and best version of ourselves.

About the Reiki 101 for Kids & Families:
This is a special introductory course I created which allows for
children and families to make a connection with the energy of Reiki
and to start using it.  During the course, I will be sharing and
teaching about what Reiki is, how to use it as a form of hands-on
healing (the Reiki will flow out of your hands when called upon),
what it can help with, and how to receive it and share it for
the highest and best good for oneself and others.

Reiki is very user-friendly…and it’s all natural and easy to learn!  

You’ll learn how to give yourself Reiki which will bring soothing, calm,
peace, health & Love to yourself.  
I intend to make the workshop fun, creative, and nurturing
while guiding each member of the family to connect to
their own special uniqueness.

What is an attunement?
I’ll be giving an “attunement” for each person who attends the
workshop, including the children.  The attunement will adjust and
bring into harmony your energy field so that a connection between
the student and the source of Reiki can be made.  
This will allow the Reiki energy to flow to and through you.  

Attunements can only be performed by a Reiki Master…
someone who has already gone through the 4 levels of Reiki
attunements, training and teachings.  
(Reiki 101 is half of Reiki Level One.)

This program is perfect for you and your child(ren)
if you'd like to feel, experience & receive...
peace, love, connection, support, healing and joy!

If you &/or your child have any of following gifts,
desires or traits,
*Being a "sensitive" person
*The feeling like no one understands you &
you hide who you truly are when you are around certain people  
*Loves helping people...sometimes too much
*A strong desire to relieve others of pain & suffering
*Animal lover and wanting to help them
*Clean eating of pure whole foods/food sensitivities
*Sense, see or feel the energy of others, especially if it's negative
*After being around people or certain environments
you feel drained and exhausted
*Being known as the sensitive or "different" one of your family
*Independent thinker, strong willed and highly intelligent
*A feeling of knowing that you can make a difference in others lives and that
you know certain things that others don't
*Crave quiet, peace and time alone...but seldom give it to yourself
*A lover of nature and a need for being outside in the sunshine
*A creative, artistic, imaginative person
*The one everyone comes to talk to about their problems with
*Say yes to everyone and everything...even when you want to say no
*When you're around, people suddenly feel better
*Being able to see the good in everyone you meet
*You hear thoughts and feel emotions that aren't your own...
even though you think they are.
*Have been labeled as having ADD or ADHD
*Feelings of anxiety or panic when there are no signs of danger
*Are into crystals, rocks, plants, flowers and things of the Earth
*You must tell the truth and know instantly when someone
is not being truthful
*Sense and see colors or orbs of light surrounding things or people
when you close your eyes or with your eyes open
*You're a sweet, kind-hearted, loving, caring person who wants everyone
to be happy & healthy in every way,
you know they can be, and you don't get why they aren't.

This is a 6 hour course by appointment only.  All members of the
family who are registered must be present for both days.
Each member of the family will receive a Reiki 101 diploma
at the end of the workshop
If you'd like to continue your Reiki journey by receiving other trainings,
click here to learn more!

How much is the course?
$250 for 2 family members (1 parent and 1 child under the age of 16)
$60 for each additional family member (under the age of 16)
$100 for each additional family member
(anyone in the family who is over the age of 16)

To Register:
Contact Maria either by phone, 570-426-3033
or by email, to let us know of
your sincere interest getting started on your Reiki journey!

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to book
your family Reiki experience with
the balance due at the first day of the experience.

Click here to enjoy your own private Reiki Healing session.
Click here to enjoy a Remote Healing session.

Please bring:
Yoga mats (I have a few extra if you need to borrow.)
A Pillow for each family member
A small lap blanket for those who would enjoy using
a blanket for meditation
Water & a light, healthful lunch