Connect. Balance. Learn. Refresh.
A beautiful experience for Reiki Practitioners
wherever you may be on the path.
Been feeling as though you need an attunement?
Feel like you need to move forward but don't know how?
Do you need a new spiritual teacher who really gets you
and understands the journey of transformation you are on?

If you've resonated with any of these questions,
you are in the right place.
I can most definitely help you.
I'm here to support and teach you in every way that you need,
strengthening your ability to channel Reiki
and to deepen your self-care and self-love with yourself
so that you can do the work that you do...
connected and balanced.

Receive answers to all of your questions.
Enjoy a lovely guided meditation.
Receive an attunement.
Receive spiritual guidance and support.
Allow your Reiki channel to open and become connected
to your gift of Reiki once again.

This is a 90 to 120 minute course.
Designed just for you.

Now, more than ever, we need wonderful people like you,
using Reiki for yourself and others to bring more
Love, Light, Health and Joy to our planet.  
It all starts with you.
Thank you for stepping up.
You are here for a reason.

Reach out to Maria to set up your Reiki Refresher Course!
(570) 426-3033