Have you taken Reiki I, II or III
and don't feel confident using your gift of Reiki?
Do you feel you don't know enough about Reiki?
Feel out of touch with it?
Feel like it's not coming out any more?
Don't know what to do with it?
Feel like you were someone else when you first learned it?
Want to use it but feel as though you don't know what your doing?

Not sure if you believe anymore?

Is Reiki calling you?

It would be my pleasure to help you.

This is a wonderful in-depth refresher course designed
to connect you with the gift of Reiki.

Receive answers to all of your questions
Enjoy a lovely guided meditation
Receive an attunement
Receive guidance, support and encouragement
Believe in yourself and begin to actively use Reiki again

This 90 minute course can be scheduled on an individual basis
or with others.
Course Tuition: $66 per person

Now more than ever we need wonderful people like yourself using Reiki
to bring more Love, Light & Healing to the planet.  
It all starts with YOU.

Contact Maria to set up your Reiki Refresher Course.
(570) 426-3033