Be speechless and listen.
Mind, Body, Spirit Retreats
Give yourself the gift of a 3-hour or 4-hour retreat
with your closest friends, co-workers or family members
at our nurturing and beautiful location in the Poconos of PA...
Fill up & rejuvenate!
You may select from the following themes, classes & services.
Mix & Match 'em!  

Let us know of your areas of interest,
we can create a specific outline for you
& tailor-make your
Mind, Body, Spirit Retreat
which will be perfect for you and your guests.
We will work our magic for you and you will LOVE it!

Retreat Classes & Services
Movement Classes
Movement classes are based from the perspective
and energy of love, joy, self-nurturance, fun, and happiness...  
acceptance and connection to oneself, honoring the breath,
and inspiring you to open your body and your mind to allow for flow
while respecting the level of your individual ability.
Creative Dance
*A fusion of a few different movement forms can be created as well. :)

General Guided Meditations & Relaxation Exercises
Learn how to relax, release & let go, so that you can be filled up again.
Anyone can do this.  It's only the mind that says you can't.
The mind is not who you are.

Creative Art Expressions
If you like to paint, draw, doodle, create.
Add this element to your personalized retreat experience!
Really fun and go home with a piece of art!

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
Maria is a Wellness Advocate for
doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
The oils can be sampled and worked into
any of the classes, meditations or services listed here.

Part of your retreat could also include learning about Essential Oils
and then making some Essential Oil infused products to take home with you.
The Intro to Essential Oils class is included as part of the retreat package.
(If you'd like to make products, an addition fee
will be added per person to cover supplies.)

Reiki Services
If your group would like to receive Reiki as part of your retreat,
please take a look to familiarize yourself with the offerings.
We can set up sessions & modify them to fit the retreat format.
(additional fees will be added for practitioners & services)

If you'd like to sink into a lovely bodywork session as part of your retreat,
this can be happily arranged.  
Again, we can tailor-make this to suit your needs.
Endless possibilities.
(additional fees will be added for practitioners & services)

HeARTS Alive
Hello inner-wisdom!  Have trouble making decisions; need opinions from others before you
make a move?  Always second-guessing yourself?  Did you know that your heart has all the
answers you will ever need to guide you to the life of your dreams?  This introductory
course will help you find and make a connection with your “one and only”…it’s YOU!  Our
hearts do much more for us than keep our bodies alive physically; they have sacred inner-
wisdom and guidance already within for you to tap into…you just need to know how,
Once you receive guidance from yourself, then the choice is yours whether or not to follow
your inner-voice.  Along with tips & techniques, we’ll be exploring this topic through
meditation, journaling, guided visualization and more.   
Maria will guide you home to your HeART.
(included as part of the retreat package)

The Namaste Garden Guided Meditation  
Inspired teaching and soul-journey from my book, The Namaste Garden.  
This guided visualization will take you into the garden of your own Heart & Soul,
where you can plant your dreams and explore what dreams are already waiting
to show up in your life.  Plant your dreams and watch them grow.  
We'll also use The Namaste Garden Spiritual Guidance Cards during the class
to help you to receive more insight and information
as you walk your path, one step at a time.
(included as part of the retreat package)

Recognizing the Signs from the Universe
Learn how the Universe speaks to you using signs & symbols, other people,
even numbers, and how you perceive energy through your 5 senses.
This introductory class will expose & lead you on your personal journey of discovery
and help you to look more closely in your day-to-day life.
Discussion, sharing & guided visualizations are at the center
of this fascinating experience.
The outside world is speaking to us each and every moment.
(included as part of the retreat package)

Angel Card & Spiritual Intuitive Readings
During your retreat you and each one of your guests can enjoy
an Angel Card & Spiritual Intuitive Reading by Maria.

Archangels 101  
I Believe.  Do you?  This is a beautiful and basic exploration into the Angelic realm.  
You’ll get to feel sense, and learn about the Archangels who help us in our daily lives…
how to call on them for assistance and how to receive their messages & answers to your
prayers.  Learn about their qualities, characteristics, their colors of Light,
and their unique areas of expertise.  
Maria is a Certified Angel Card Reader ™
and has first hand experience with Angels.

Contact Maria to arrange your unique & beautiful
Mind, Body, Spirit Retreat today!
✿Oh!  And we can also add flowers to your retreat package! ✿
Below are the options to select from
to create your zen retreat.