Join the Teen Self-Love Movement!
Your Self-Love Mentors share 15 to 20 minute videos over on the
PA Dance Network YouTube channel just for YOU!
Take a look to see what's happening and why!
Our movement is all about helping teens to LOVE themselves.
*find out where your self-confidence lives
*your "wierdness" is what makes you cool
*find your heART and unique voice of self-expression
*receive inspiration, tips, tools & techniques for self-care
*mind, body, spirit wellness is your true nature
*honor who you are and all you are going/"growing" through
*live your dreams
*you are fully supported and loved
*passionate self-empowerment
*find your peace no matter what is going in your life or around you
*self-soothing techniques and practices
*live from the inside out

*let Love circulate within you and all around you
*open your heart, let love out and live out loud

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Give yourself a Meditation Reboot with Maria Triano
Unplug from worry, anxiety and overwhelm.  Plug into peace, calm and Love.  
Learn how to center yourself through a meditation reboot.  
So simple!  Anyone can do this!

Grateful Hearts with Jessica West Zsamar
Deconstruct the consumer culture and learn how to live from a grateful heart.
Tap into the happiness already living within you just by shifting to gratitude.

Write your True Self with Regina Sayles
Discover the power of journaling as a form of self-expression and Love.  
Find your honest voice and learn to be non-judgemental with yourself.  
Clear your emotions by putting pen to paper.

Fuel Your Body with Ashley Winkelspecht
Tap into your body's wisdom for health, vitality and energy!  
Learn how to love yourself through caring about what you put into your body.

You Have Your Own Compass with Maria Triano
What voice are you listening to?  Learn to listen to your heart.
You have all the answers you need already within you.

There Are No Mistakes with Gretchen Diehl
Through art you'll explore how feelings of embarrassment, guilt and ignorance are
opportunities for empathy, self-love and education.  There is Love inside of every
so-called mistake we make.  Stop being so hard on yourself.  
See the new positive perspective that emerges!

Be the Positive in the Negative with Kara Ferrebee
Meet each day with a positive outlook with a word of intention.  Allow your word of
the day to uplift you and those you meet.  Make it fun and do it with Love.

Create a Desire Map with Jessica West Zsamar
Uncover your dreams, set goals and plan for achievement as you create
a Desire Map Vision Board to set you on course!

Find Your Coolness with Maria Triano
Your so-called wierdness is your coolness!  Be yourself and accept who you are.
Hiding yourself ain't cool!  You are the way you are for good reason!
Let Love out and live out loud.
Maria Triano - Owner/Director of PA Dance Network, creator of Teen Self-Love
Movement - creator of SoulStar Yoga, Dance Educator, Professional Dancer &
Choreographer, Meditation and Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master & creator of Pure
Essence Reiki, Artist, Published Author and passionate Mentor & Life Coach

Gretchen Diehl - Owner of BirdQueen Designs, Tattoo Artist, mother of two and dancer,
who is passionate about helping people and making things beautiful.  She has a Master’s
in Fine Art and taught Fashion Marketing at college level, and has lead guest lectures on
the topic of leadership for women in the arts.

Kara Ferrebee - Montessori Teacher, proud mother of three, grandmother of two, who
was/is very actively involved in her children's schooling K through college, serving on
numerous committees, boards and sports-Mom, extensive experience in
hotel/restaurant/hospitality industry, served in managerial roles, compassionate care-
giver, animal lover - Her motto is "Don't be afraid to fail.  Be afraid not to try."

Regina Sayles - full-time Singer/Songwriter performing 100+ shows a year and
participates in a variety of other creative endeavors.  Writes, records and produces her
own music, as well as, with her duo Porter & Sayles.  M.Ed. in Instructional Design and
Technology, enjoys teaching and performing character building musical assemblies for
elementary students.  She credits her success to hard work, being honest with her
creativity and continuing to find ways to grow.  @reginasayles

Jessica West Zsamar - Owner of SoulStar Love with Jessica West Zsamar, SoulStar Yoga
Instructor, Meditation Guide and lover, Reiki Practitioner, Dance Educator, Dreamer
and Creator, who leads a grateful, heart-full life in Bluffton, SC with her husband and
three amazing young boys.  Teacher of life, educating with grace, love and gratitude.

Ashley Winkelspecht - Founder of Peacefully Well Holistic Health in Allentown, PA.,
Licensed Athletic Trainer, Movement Specialist, Body Worker, SoulStar Yoga Instructor
& Teacher Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher & Holistic
Wellness Educator.  She helps individuals restore balance to body and mind, improve
health, increase well-being and open and love within themselves through an integrative
approach to healing.  Her motto is "Less effort, more allowance".