What is SoulStar Yoga and who is the teacher training for?
SoulStar Yoga was created for aspiring new teachers, teachers with experience in
other styles of yoga and/or for students who wish to learn more and deepen their
own practice of yoga.  It's for teachers/educators and students who are "sensitive",
empathetic, intuitive beings who are walking the spiritual path in this lifetime,
as conscious Lightworkers.  It's for people who want to share, want to grow
their own Light and want to help to guide others in a gentle,
inspiring, loving way to grow theirs.  
It's for people who know, trust and believe that yoga is
more than a physical practice and a good workout; that it is a spiritual practice.
Opening to the emergence of mind, body and spirit is the true Oneness of the
practice of yoga (and all of life) where joy, peace and unconditional love dwells
within.  This is an inside-out process; a journey and an honoring of the soul and star
within you that has gifts to share.  Integrating the whole being is the very essence of
SoulStar Yoga.  Based in Hatha yoga, this 6 to 9 month experience will lead, guide
and educate you to find your unique, authentic voice, your special essence,
your strength, and your power.  It will expand your consciousness, open your heart,
help you to grow immensely as a person, help you to uncover more of yourself, help
you to learn to teach intuitively,
to trust yourself and to open your Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras.
You will learn about your intuitive gifts and how to trust your inner-guidance and
wisdom of the heart.  AND your body will transform as a result!
Sound like anyone you know?  

The Journey will include:
Yoga Philosophy & All About the OM
Mudras, Mantras & Chants
Anatomy & Physiology
Human Energy (Chakra) System
Soul Star and Earth Star Activations
Basic Energy & Space Clearing Techniques
Using your intuition and spiritual gifts to channel as you teach
Asana - postures/movements & poses
Pranayama - breath work
Teaching Methods
Basic Use of Props
Tips on Teaching Moms-to-be
Home Yoga Practice & Self-Reflection
Business Basics

Program Dates with Flexible Scheduling
Trainings are offered by appointment only!  
Please reach out with sincere interest.  Group trainings available!
Gather your girls and let's dive into the Bliss!
As we flow through the training, as a group,
we create our own schedule which works perfectly for everyone involved.
Ease and comfort of scheduling makes for a more relaxed and peaceful experience.  
The training completes within 6 to 9 months.
This allows for natural transformation and for the new you to emerge.

The training is both LIVE ONLINE and in-person at the
PA Dance Network studio in Analomink, PA.

*We are open to those who live out-of-state who feel called to be a part of this
training and are happy to teach and share this amazing program with you
completely online.  We have the unique ability to teach students in person and   
online at the same time.  Tuition for the training is the same whether
you come to the studio or learn online.

For those serious about being a part of this beautiful
and life-changing experience, we ask that you let us know of
your personal scheduling availability and requests.

Receive a $500 discount on the program!
Register with a $200 deposit.
Pay remaining balance of $2300 on or before the first class.
Whoo!Hoo! You get the discount!

Tuition Option 2:
Register with a $250 deposit
Arrange monthly payments with Maria.
Tuition must be paid in full on the last day of training.
Receive the training for $3000.
Please NOTE for Option 1 and Option 2: There are no refunds.  
Should you leave the program for any reason before completing the training,
the balance due must be paid in full that day.  
Also, if you arrange to make monthly tuition payments and miss one,
you will no longer be able to pay monthly and must pay your balance in full that day.
Your serious dedication of integrity to yourself, your teachers and the program is of the
highest esteem.  We make an investment in you, you make an investment in us.

The tuition includes the SoulStar Yoga© curriculum
200 hours education/training and certification to teach this method.

Certificate Requirements
Maintain a daily practice of some kind throughout the duration of the training
either with an instructor or an at- home practice.

Complete all written homework and reading assignments.

Attend all classes.

Teach a total of 8 classes
*We will guide you as to how and when to do this.  Classes will be both in-person and online.

Receive feedback and approval by instructors which denotes that you can
competently teach and share the practice with others.

Tuition paid in full
*All of the above must be completed successfully by the end of the training
in order to receive certification

Required Reading
Bhagavad Gita – A New Translation by: Stephen Mitchell
The Namaste Garden by: Maria Triano
Yoga Anatomy – 2nd Edition by: Leslie Kaminoff
*We email you Yoga Anatomy as an ebook during the training.
The Bhagavad Gita and The Namaste Garden must be purchased.

Other great books your may enjoy!
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, translation and commentary by:
Sri Swami Satchidananda
Introduction to Yoga - A Beginner's Guide to Health, Fitness, and Relaxation by:
Alan Finger and Al Bingham
Mudras: Yoga in your Hands by: Gertrud Hirschi
Chakra Yoga - Balancing Energy for Physical, Spiritual,
and Mental Well-Being by: Alan Finger
Chakras for Beginners by: David Pond
Chakra Meditation - Discover Energy, Creativity, Focus, Love,
Communication, Wisdom and Spirit by: Swami Saradananda
Happy Yoga - 7 Reasons Why There's Nothing to Worry About by:
Steve Ross with Olivia Rosewood

Trainings can happen when you are ready to start your journey!
Lots of individuality and flexibility available!

Those who have completed the SoulStar Yoga Teacher Training and have been
teaching their own classes for 6 months may be given the opportunity to
become a Trainer in the methods.  This education requires that you attend a
full SoulStar Yoga Teacher Training in the role of Trainer Apprentice.  
The SoulStar Yoga Trainer Certification is $2400.
This certification allows for you to run your own SoulStar Yoga Teacher Trainings.
For each teacher training that you share, PA Dance Network will receive 10% of the
student tuition you receive for all teacher trainings.
If you are ready, reach out to Maria at 570-426-3033 or